My Zipline Canopy Tour Experience

Juliana Sherburne
Summer 2018 Digital Marketing Intern

This last week I got to take on the Zipline Canopy Tour with the Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures guides and a group of strangers from all over the area and, let me tell you, it was a blast! Whether this is your 1st or 100th time ziplining, it will be an experience you talk about for weeks. However, I understand that it may be hard to know what to expect when you arrive, that’s what I am here for, read below to hear about my adrenaline-filled adventures!

Once you park and enter the building, you will be greeted by the friendly staff and potentially your future guide as they help you book a tour or find your reservation, making sure you are all set and answer any of your questions. Once it’s your turn, guides will introduce themselves and help you get geared up.

Once everyone is in their harness and helmet and has used the bathroom (highly recommend so you’re not stuck in the forest without a toilet), you will make your way out to the truck where you will get driven to the course in one of Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventure’s two off-road vehicles.

Before you begin zipping around, your guides will give a brief demonstration, go through safety protocol, and give everyone a chance to ask questions. Make sure you listen, to ensure a fun, problem-free experience! After this, you will make your way to the first of seven ziplines. So, here’s what you’ve been waiting for: my take on each of them!

Zipline #1: The first zipline is short in length and low to the ground. It is a great “practice” run to get a feel for how to grip the trolley, position your body, and get a feel for the experience. Don’t believe your guides when they tell you that this is the longest zip of the tour!

Zipline #2: The second zipline is longer than the first and further off the ground. This is a great zip to get you acclimated to the faster, longer ziplines that are coming.

Zipline #3: This bad boy is exhilarating! Also, unlike the other lines where you have to walk down some steps to take off, you get to take a slide off the platform (Fun, right?!)

Zipline #4: There is a wonderful view from the fourth zip with a clearing below the line overlooking the gully and a seasonal stream. This one was long enough where you had a chance to relax and take in the scenery, so make sure to look around!

After Zipline #4, there is a wooden bridge to trek across and a small hike to reach the fifth zip. Enjoy the view and take some time to experience the forest canopy. This was in a shaded, pretty area of the woods as well so enjoy your time back on the ground!

Zipline #5: This is the second longest zipline and is pretty high up, so the view is great! So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Zipline #6: This is the second to last zipline and was my favorite. Why? Similar to #5, it is high up and has a great view, however, this area is lusher and more evergreen with lots of pine trees, rocks, and another stream so it is a nice change in view!

Once you finish Zipline #6, there is some things you need to do before going down Zipline #7. First, there are 2 longer bridges you have the option to walk across with a beautiful view of the area below. Mind you, these are OPTIONAL so if you aren’t a huge fan of the bridges, take a break! But, if you are okay with them, I recommend making your way across because it gives you a chance to take in the view a little slower than you were able to on the cable and take pictures! After this, there is another hike to the last zipline. This hike is a little longer and steeper than the other one, but, you can take a break if need be, just ask! Like always, make sure to look around and take in the view, especially because it is almost the end!

Zipline #7: Last but certainly not least! This is the longest zipline and takes you back out of the forest, so you will get a great view of the mountains and hilly landscape in the area! You get going fast on this zip so get ready!

After you reach the final platform, you will belay back down to the ground one by one and make your way to the truck so you can be brought back to the building. By this time, my group had gotten comfortable enough with each other where we chatted our whole way back and talked about how much fun the day had been. Crazy how much you can learn about people after 3 hours in the forest! Once you get back, all that’s left to do is take off your equipment and you are all done!

As you can probably tell, I loved my ziplining experience and owe that to my group and staff! My group was a mix of people of all different places and of different ages and, even though I was alone but many of them were with at least one other person, we got along great and talked and laughed the whole time! Our guides, Chris and Adam, were equally as great, helping break the ice early on and making everyone comfortable on the zipline, as they know what they’re doing so well that they are able to have fun as we made it through the course! Overall, I had a blast and can’t wait to go back with my friends and family, so they can see what it’s all about. So, if you’re looking to get outside by yourself or with a group but want something a little more exciting than a hike or bike ride, make your way to Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures, I’m positive you won’t regret it!

My Zipline Canopy Tour group.


  • The drive to the Summit Center at Bristol Mountain sets you up for the experience. To reach the summit of Bristol Mountain you need to drive 5 miles up South Hill Road, which begins as a dirt road and ends paved. Keep driving to the end of the road and then turn left. Do not turn around like I did if you feel like you are lost because you probably are not! If you feel uncertain when you are arriving call and one of our Guest Services staff will make sure you are in the right place.
  • Drink lots of water ahead of time and use the bathroom before leaving. There is some water throughout the course (which you definitely should take advantage of!) but it is important to go into it hydrated!
  • The guides are very friendly, so make sure to introduce yourself early and make conversation (especially if you want them to hold a phone or water bottle for you!) because it will make the whole thing more fun for everyone.
  • This is Upstate, NY, not New York Fashion Week. Wear comfortable sneakers and clothes (especially longer shorts) so that your harness isn’t uncomfortable and you don’t have to keep readjusting yourself!

Juliana Sherburne
2018 Digital Marketing Intern