Do The Right Thing Ontario County Recognition Event 2018

This year we were honored to host the Do The Right Thing Ontario County Recognition Event, where recognized students, their families, and their school resource officers were treated to a fun day climbing together in the Aerial Adventure Park.

Do the Right Thing Ontario County recognizes and rewards Ontario County youths for their exemplary behavior, accomplishments, and good deeds that go above and beyond normal, everyday expectations.  This award distinguishes exceptional school-age children who choose to be drug and crime free, exhibit positive, non-violent behavior,  will stand up for others, do well in school, make a difference in their communities, and demonstrate consistent turnaround behavior.  The purpose being that the youths who receive this recognition will inspire and encourage other youths to demonstrate the same behavior and strive to make a positive difference in their community, too.

If you want more information about this incredible program (maybe you have a student to nominate!) check out their website: