Looking for some more information before you visit?

Here are some tips from our guides to make sure your visit is everything you want it to be.

  • Make sure to go to the SUMMIT of the mountain when you are coming for your reservation. Click here for directions.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that fit you well (arenʼt too loose or baggy) and a sturdy closed toe shoe. Also, if you have gloves of your own feel free to bring them but, if not, we have plenty that you can use. Correct clothing = KEY.
  • Keep your hips over your feet, use your core to stabilize yourself, and keep your weight forward. Even though the course might be challenging, maintaining control of your body and being self-aware can make you much more successful on all courses.
  • Use the lifeline to your advantage if you need to on easier courses (it can actually help you on the yellow and green courses) but not when you get to the tougher courses (blues and black) because the lifeline can make the course more difficult for you in the long run and not as fun/challenging.


  • Skaneateles Trail (a blue level course) has some tricky elements so do your best to think of the strategy you want to try before attempting to go across. Remember there is more than one way across.
  • The skateboard on Skaneateles Trail (a blue level course) is a big surprise to a lot of climbers. Just try and visualize how skateboarders position themselves and copy them rather than just hopping on.
  • Don’t hold the center cable but rather the wooden poles on the “Wind Chimes”on Skaneateles Trail (a blue level course). Theyʼre called the wind chimes for a reason and if you hold the cable you’re going to be right in the center of it! Try and hold on to the poles because, even though it might seem more difficult than holding the cable, it will make it much easier on you in the long run.
  • Use your legs to get up first ladder on the black course (you’ll understand when you see it) – Many people try to use their arms and it takes them a LOT longer and tires them out right off the bat.