Zipline Canopy Tour

Guided with small groups. Significant interaction with guides.

Less physical effort required, short hikes. People with varying levels of physical ability can participate.

Highlights include long ziplines (over 5,000 ft), 4 bridges over looking the Bristol Valley, and 2 off-road truck rides.

Participants must weigh between 80 and 250 pounds.

Cost: $109

Aerial Adventure Park

Self guided and individually paced.

Physical demand varies based on course level. Green & yellow level courses require participants to rely primarily on balance and a small level of physical exertion. Blue and black level courses require more upper body strength to complete.

Highlights include 7 courses of varying difficulty levels with over 125 individual and unique elements. There are 2 yellow courses, 2 green courses, 2 blue courses, and 1 black course.

Each course includes 2 ziplines and various other elements including tight rope walks, bridges, and even skateboards! Each element is unique and requires a new (and fun!) strategy.

Ages 7+.

Cost: $52 for 3 hours.

Kids Adventure Park

Self guided with a low staff to participant ratio. Staff are available for assistance as children require on the course with tips and encouragement.

Courses require kids to navigate, balance, and zip their way through the tress.

2 courses (1 introductory and 1 intermediate).

Ages 4-7.

Cost: $25 for 1 hour.